Friendly Pets with Kids

paw Perhaps you work and are anxious about leaving your pet alone all day, but can't pay expensive day care services or would rather your pet is with someone caring.

paw Maybe you travel frequently during the week and don’t want to leave your friend in a kennel all week.

paw Just looking for a good person to mind your pet while you’re on vacation?

paw You would like your pet to have company from time to time, to socialize. So you'd like to mind another pet occasionally, perhaps finding a reciprocal relationship for your buddy.

paw Considering another pet? Share a pet for a while to see if your furry companion is amenable.

paw Your children have been asking for a pet. You’re not sure if it's a good idea. It may be ideal to mind a pet for a week or so and assess whether or not the family can handle the responsibility.

paw You love animals, but don't want the responsibility of a pet with all the inherent vet visits, food expenses, etc. You don't really want a major lifestyle or financial commitment but would enjoy occasionally having a pet for company.

paw You have been considering a particular breed and would like to spend some time with that breed to decide if it’s a good fit.

paw You’d love to have a pet, but for various reasons, you can only have a pet part-time.

paw You like to take a walk during the day and wouldn’t mind having a companion, day-time or weekend company.

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